Exploring the Many Mesmerising Attractions of Delhi, India

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The Mesmerising Attractions of Delhi

Delhi is a fascinating city, but its sheer and the accompanying noise can be overwhelming for some visitors. There are many unique sites and attractions, and it is worth exploring, preferably with the help of a local guide who knows the streets. Taking a rickshaw ride can be a hair-raising experience, but a great way to see everything.

The Grandeur of the Architecture

With a history actually dating back over three thousand years, the variety and architecture of the buildings encompass many styles. The Red Fort in Old Delhi was the residence of many of the Mughal Emperors. It is now a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Jama Masjid Mosque can hold an astonishing 25,000 people, but is a surprisingly tranquil place to visit.

Relax in the Lodhi Gardens

After a day of exploring the frenetic sights and sounds of Delhi, a trip to the Lodhi Gardens offers a chance to unwind. Early evening is a pleasant time to stroll along the palm-lined paths admiring the rare plants on display.

Sample Delhi's Street Food

No trip to Delhi is complete without a taste of the local delicacies on offer at the street markets. Cooking takes place in the open air, and recommended dishes include stuffed paranthas, butter chicken, and aloo chaat.

Other activities available in Delhi include enjoying high tea at the Imperial Hotel, visiting the Nizamuddin Basti Hope Project, and discovering Humayun's Tomb.

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